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Lioness Order: Self Care Guide

How To Confidently Be A

Badass Queen Lioness Warrior Immediately

The lioness that is inside you is waiting to roar loudly and to be released...are you ready?

The lioness that is inside you is waiting to roar loudly and to be released...are you ready?

Lioness Self Care Form

Here's just a taste of what's in the Lioness Order Self-Care Guide:


*Makes it easy to be confident personally and professionally - Fast!


*Stop doubting your abilities and trust your intuition - No experience required


*Instantly trust your decisions, be the BADASS Lioness that you are, and own     

  your truth...even if you have never done this before


*Eliminate the stress of trying to figure out how to be fierce, fabulous, free, &       

  fearless...and walk in your confidence naturally

How this works

I know how it feels to feel overwhelmed by the next step. So I've made this simple!


Just click the link below to get started and sign up for your Lioness Order: Self Care Guide


Carefully enter your details on the next page, so we know exactly where to send everything!


Check your inbox in the next few minutes to download your files.

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I'm Dr. A

I'm a (w)Holistic Wellness and Empowerment Coach, Lover of kind Humans & peanut M&Ms. I believe ALL Dogs Go to Heaven.

My years of trying to figure out who I was and wanted to be...lead me to success in the corporate world as well as one of the top instructors and trainers in the fitness industry. When you add in my degrees, certifications, personal & professional development...I finally realized my passion and life's mission.


I am passionate about supporting and empowering women to connect to their Inner Lioness in order to be Fierce, Fabulous, & Fearless. It is my mission and purpose in life to see you grow into the Queen Warrior that you are...period. Without fear & second-guessing yourself.


No more doubting yourself...That stops right now!

-Dr. A   xo



L. Gery

"...this voice had not been heard in meetings previous...It needed to be done so I wore my 'Lioness' warrior red nail polish and made it happen..I said out loud 'Warriors Rise!"



"During our sessions, I've learned to move things that stand in my way of being much work, but now my closet is an inviting space that welcomes who I am right now."


A. Wallace

Digging deeper into the "whys" of our behavior is enlightening. Knowing we're not alone is SO encouraging.

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Ready to Get Started?

You're just moments away from discovering how to confidently tap into your Queen Lioness Warrior inner power. Simply click the link to begin your journey right now. Simply enter your details and I'll send over everything you need to get started.

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