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Time To Embrace All Possibilities!
The Angi Effect (TAE) Presents The Strong(H)er Than Ever 23-Day Inside Out Glow Up Challenge
What is The Strong(h)er Than Ever 23-Day Inside Out Glow Up Challenge?

This 23-Day Inside Out Glow Up Challenge helps you get clear on your goals (w)holistically by implementing

The Angi Effect Trifecta of (w)Holistic Wellness program based on your individual...physical activity, nutrition, and stress management. This roadmap provides you the ability to:

- Get clear & specific on creating & implementing your 30/60/90 day goals in 23 days
- Provides a step-by-step guide for mindful eating; consistent activity; and stress management

- Get on track with your weight loss (or gain) goals by establishing healthy habits; creating a healthy bedtime routine, , and reducing stress with successful self-care tips that work
- The ability to get laser-focused on your immediate goals so you can successfully achieve them
- Learn how to be 'appropriately selfish' and create 'healthy boundaries'

- Connection & bonding with other like-minded & focused women

- Get creative & have fun with creating personalized affirmations & manifestations that work

Does this sound like you?

...Just know that you are SO not alone!... 

Attachment_1640046754 (2).jpeg

You are losing or gaining weight
You feel lost, frustrated, sad, angry, or disappointed a great deal
You don't think you are enough
You keep asking yourself 'Why me?'
You're making rash decisions
Can't sleep at night or can't turn your brain off
Very judgmental or critical of your appearance
Or you find yourself not caring about your appearance
Constantly comparing yourself to other women who 'appear' happier and more fulfilled
Your stress or mood is having a negative effect on your personal and professional relationships
Obsessing over your weight; your number of steps; or the latest fitness fads
Constantly feeling bloated or constantly feeling sluggish where you don't feel motivated to workout
Maybe you're doing all the things, but have not seen any or minimal results physically, mentally, or spiritually

Have been diagnosed with a thyroid or another stress-related condition

As women, we are not only dealing with and trying to figure out biological changes, but we are dealing with work problems, family challenges, the death of loved ones or close friends, trying to make ends meet financially, trying to figure out who you are 'now', and simply trying to live life.
Lean in…I have something to tell you…

It’s your time to be Strong(H)er Than Ever. Here's to the woman that you will become...a Woman full of passion, fierce, successful, and thriving at the highest level on all levels. It’s time to take back your life & full control…👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Join The Angi Effect (TAE) Strong(H)er Than Ever 23-Day Inside Out Glow Up Challenge and see how you can truly accomplish your goals 💪🏾

This journey will help you reclaim your life through the TAE Trifecta of (W)Holistic Wellness fitness, nutrition, and stress management tips. You will get weekly LIVE and recorded classes with TAE, and daily positivity & empowerment prompts. A step-by-step proven guide that can be implemented immediately and an 'active' vision board.

Stop trying to be perfect. Stop feeling that you are alone. Join an amazing group of women that are also on this journey…because YOU are not alone.

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My journey to facing my fears and moving forward

With 28+ years of experience in the fitness industry as well as 30+ years in the corporate world. Certifications in group exercise, yoga, boxing, personal training, and Mind & Body Coaching. As a doctor of business administration with expertise in innovation & strategy, I provide unique solutions that are creative, holistic, and all-inclusively designed.

My passion is in supporting & empowering professional women, specifically, those who are burned out, frustrated, discouraged, and diagnosed with a thyroid or experiencing any other stress-related conditions. I assist in helping them identify what they really want from life so that they can become the woman they aspire to be, take back control of their health, and work to minimize stress.  We do this by taking charge of their health, creating healthy boundaries by being appropriately selfish, stepping confidently into all of their badassery (superpowers), and living authentically both personally & professionally.

My journey has been far from easy...with many mountains, valleys, and countless dark corners. I went through what I call my '12-Year Wilderness Experience'...Every day I pretended that everything was so perfect...that I was ok. With each promotion, all the accolades, pats on the back, and every accomplishment...I smiled and then I went home... Behind my closed door I hated life, I hated me, I was angry, I was hurt, I was betrayed...I operated as a shadow of myself...bottles of red wine and queso became my refuge. The weight piled on and then I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition...I felt like even my body had betrayed me...I broke. 


Then one day, I made the conscious decision to change...or rather I became sick and tired of being sick and tired...I asked myself 'Who the #$%* are you? Why am I feeling this way?'...I put in the work...the hard and difficult work to face me and my fears. I learned how to tap into what I call my 'badassery' aka (superpowers) and I learned how to work through each and every challenge I faced...I even learned how to work on healing my thyroid. This is where I realized that I was not alone and decided to share my secret and 12-step gift with every woman that I met.


But first...let's start with getting clear and manifesting our initial 30/60/90-day goals! 

What will you get?

Emotional benefits:

  • Feel like you're not alone.

  • Find a safe space to share thoughts and feelings with other women who understand what it's like to be a woman today.

  • Stay motivated and inspired by your fellow community members.

  • Feel more confident in who you are as a woman.

  • Develop more confidence in yourself as you grow stronger every day.

  • You'll be part of a community that will support you.

  • Find your voice again.

  • A community of women committed to their own growth and empowerment.

  • Support from other women who are going through the same things you are.

  • You'll feel more confident, empowered, and connected.

  • Build a community of women you can relate to.

  • Have your voice heard in this safe space.

And even more...

Standard benefits

Group pic 1.jpg
  • You'll have access to classes, replays, and affirmation/meditation/journal prompts.

  • You'll have access to 150+ variety of online Engage Fitness Collective classes.

  • Simple, manageable, and fun 20-60 mins workouts designed for everyone to participate, modifications welcome.

  • You'll be able to connect with other like-minded women from all over the world.

  • Learn to create & honor well-deserved "me time" each week.

  • Accomplish more in less time & stress

  • Gain stress management techniques including stretches, yoga, meditation & breathwork.

  • Tips for 'mindful eating' that are guaranteed to work.

  • Receive the tools that can be implemented immediately for personal growth & building confidence.

  • The TAE Stronger Than Ever journal.

  • Access to 1:1 Stepping Into Your Badassery coaching session.

  • *SPECIAL* In-Person 'EmpowHer' 4-hr event... guaranteed to leave you feeling EncouragedMotivated & Empowered.

What Clients Say

Jessica S.

Sr. Director 

A big thank you to God and good friends (I'm looking at you @cclevis and @naturallytonya), for leading my path to Angi's. Prior to taking Angi's zoom classes, I lived a pretty sedentary lifestyle. 😕 Because of her welcoming nature and positive reinforcement, I'm currently averaging 2+ classes a week and making sure I walk EVERY day! My brain is clearer, my body is starting to change and my energy is increasing... Most importantly, I find more peace each week. Don't get me wrong... I'm 💯 spent at the end of a session, but it feels SO good! Though my friends are 275+ miles from me and living in their own Covid bubbles, Angi's zoom classes allow us to connect and do something TOGETHER!!! Living in Western PA, these classes offer me something I just can't get nearby and I'm forever grateful for the love and support that Angi gives to all of us so freely! What a beautiful gift from a beautiful warrior!

Special Pricing Ends:
 Sunday, 07/16/23 @11:59 pm EST 

Discounted Registration Fee:

$162 (reg. $223)

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