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The TAE Wellness Index is on its way to you!

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  • Check your email  for your TAE Wellness Index Assessment from me (Dr. A or The Angi Effect Team). If you are a Gmail user, check your 'Promotions' tab. Any other user check your spam. Be sure to mark me as 'safe' so you do not miss out on any great emails and opportunities!

  • Join the (w)Holistically Fit with TAE Facebook group! This is a free group with weekly workouts, nutrition & stress management tips, and a motivational content.

  • Tell your peeps! What is better than having a partner on this journey? Invite your friends and family to join you on this journey for (w)Holistic Wellness!


Get Set...Get Ready...Let's Go...WE are in this together!


You just unlocked a bonus!

What is better than starting your (w)Holistic Journey with a week full of fun, exciting, and motivating classes? 

5-Days to experience The Angi Effect Signature classes VIRTUALLY! 



*Align & Flow Yoga

* HIIT Yoga Fusion


*Level Up Yoga


Each class is full of energy and so many fun moves that you will forget that you are actually exercising!


The functional training, total body conditioning workouts, the flow of the classes, as well as the amount of energy and excitement of the instructor will keep you coming back for more

You will LOVE it!


Grab your towel, water bottle, fitness buddy and get ready to experience The Angi Effect (TAE) 5-Day Bootcamp! Each morning will be a different class (ALL Levels Welcome!!).

All this for $25 ONLY!


I'm Dr. Angela (Dr. A) Wesley, I am excited and thrilled that you are here! I have been in the fitness and wellness industry almost 30 yrs as a group exercise instructor, (w)holistic personal trainer, and an empowerment coach. As founder of The Angi Effect (TAE), I have been changing lives all over the DC metro, as well as nationally, long before TAE was established in 2000.


I take your fitness and personal goals seriously. I know and understand from first-hand experience that being healthy and fit is not just about losing weight and dieting. It is about taking a (w)holistic approach to overcome hurdles and reach your goals both physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is really challenging trying to balance a healthy lifestyle, social and personal life, as well as figuring out who you are and who you want to be.


I support & empower:


* New to Fitness. Just starting out in your fitness journey and trying to figure out what fits their lifestyle.


* Seasoned Fitness/Wellness Peeps. Those individuals that have been in the game for awhile and know what they like, but interested in taking it to the next level or trying something new.

*Individuals Interested in (w)Holistic Wellness. Interested in the Trifecta of Fitness. Balancing their activity, stress management, and nutrition.

*Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainers. New to fitness/wellness instruction and personal training or looking to connecting with their clients on a deeper level. Interested in creating programming that is all inclusive.

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